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they call me MO
I'm not asian. Although I do have awesome pumping through my ovaries.
First off this month marks around the 11th year I became active on dA. I really don't care about throwing my life story in elaboration just yet...maybe on the 20th birthday if I'm still around I'll post it. But if any of you know me I tend to just be as minimal as possible....Since my tenure here in the 11 years I started 18 years young and experience the good and bad with my 20's whilst being on dA

-I was a drug addict
- I was in an abusive relationship for a few years on and off
- in 2007, after 2006 being the shittiest year I ever had I went clean and have not done any drugs since
- my abusive boyfriend tried proposing to me and I said no thus causing my departure and a new life
- aside from my two brothers and father, EVERYONE, all home town friends, I severed ties with because of my self destructive past.
- I started my new life far and away from home and I have not looked back since.
- I am now 29 and I'm in a relationship with a man who has put up with my shit non stop for a year
- I am now happy.


and during those times I had used dA as an outlet. I experienced a rise and fall and rise again in real life and dA, not the forums mind you but the discovery of such great art, helped make me smile and still has continued to do such. Maybe I will move on eventually once me and my boyfriend decided to get married and start a family. Of course we're not in a hurry, we may be settled down but we still want to experience such things like spelunking, romantic travels, orgies, eating monkey know adventurous shit young couple do. But anyways getting back to whatever point I was making.....right now I just can't leave this place not when there is SOO MUCH rich and talented and beautiful art to be seen.

so there you have it my dA story and how it became a positive outlet for me.

:iconnosugarjustanger: has tagged me for some questions so lets have at it!!....

1) Who is the most influential person in your life and why?

Don't laugh, Trent Reznor Trent Reznor by grantgoboom

The man is fucking handsome and I was ever so entranced by him since I was 9....little did I realize he too went thru some pain in his life and "Grew the fuck up" like me. It's like he was an accidental hero.

2) What is your favorite food?

I'm a vegetarian so a nice salad will do. Ya...... boring.

3) Typical breakfast for you is...

A protein drink. My mornings consist of chugging down that drink, wake up, then yoga.

4) How tall are you?

5'7 ish and Cthulu by Xixikal << THAT tall on certain days. (appearance is spot on as well)

5) What are some of your bad habits, and are you doing anything to overcome them?

Well I'm actually on my third week of quitting smoking! The cravings have gone and i'm in the clearing!! what I did to overcome them........I just stopped. Like I just stopped my drug addiction...I just.....stopped.

and a song....because like the song what im experiencing.

 :peace: & :heart:


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